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Old  Mill Yarn was originally founded in 1921 as the John B. Davidson Woolen  Mills and was one of three woolen mills located in Eaton Rapids  Michigan. Davidson's Old Mill Yarn has been in business for nearly 100  years and Linton Davidson, Grandson of John B Davidson, still owns the  original site in Eaton Rapids Michigan. 

In  October, 2017, Linton Davidson sold all his winding equipment and  wholesale business to Sow Spun Silk Inc. who operates a weaving,  spinning and yarn shop called Baker Allegan Studios in the Southwest  region of Michigan in the city of Allegan. On January 1st of 2018, Baker  Allegan Studios assumed the wholesale operations of Old Mill Yarn in  Allegan Michigan and will offer Mill End Yarns and Discount Yarns, on  line and through their shop at Baker Allegan Studios in the Historic  Milling District of Allegan, at 148 Mill District Road. 

Baker Allegan Studios



We  operate a full weaving & spinning studio with artists making  everything woven from rugs to fine linens. Private lessons & group  classes are taught when looms are available.

 Our  attached gift shop sells handwoven textiles such as towels, scarves,  rugs, as well as jewelry, wood products, hand made cards & goats  milk soap.

Our shop also sells handspun, hand dyed and other fine yarns, roving,  books felting equipment, weaving looms & spinning wheels from  Schacht, LeClerc, Kromski & Glimakra. If we don't have it, we  promise to order it for you.   

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People  interested in trying their hand at weaving can come in and reserve a  loom to make a rag rug or cotton towel. Our Weavers Delight looms help a  beginner learn and get started with a short lesson that is free. All  you pay for is what you weave. We will even do the hemming so you leave  with a finished project. 

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Old Mill Yarn in the Allegan Milling District



As  of January 1st, 2018, Old Mill Yarn will officially begin offering  discount yarn and Mill End Yarns in the Historic Milling District of  Allegan Michigan. With a rich history, going back to 1835, the Milling  District of Allegan was home to many great companies including Baker  Furniture, Furniture Masterpieces, Imperial Carving and Perrigo.

We  have 8 antique industrial winding machines with a total of 41 winding  heads that will produce 7" cones, 6" tubes, 5" tubes and 4" tubes of  yarn. We also have an antique Pirn Winder, salvaged from the industrial  weaving mills. This machine winds yarn from nearly any source and puts  it onto a pirn that is installed into the "Flying Shuttles" used in  industrial weaving looms. We now use these on our AVL Dobby Looms for  our commission pieces.

We  will be purchasing left over or overstock yarns from fabric mills in  the USA, in large cones and re-wind them into consumer size tubes on our  antique equipment. Because we purchase large quantities at a good  price, we can pass that discount onto our customers.


We  never really know what we will get until we open the boxes, so stock  and quantities will vary and can't be reordered once depleted. But the  variety is amazing and always fun to discover. Kinda like Christmas...  but happy to get socks.

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